Good Chuck, Bad Chuck, Nunchucks.

For my final project, I experimented with Persistence of Vision (POV) using the Adafruit MiniPOV3 kit. Here are a few photos of me soldering the boards.

010203My original idea was to embed these LEDs into sleeves of clothing so when one waves their arms, words would appear in air. After coding the PCBs & furiously waving my arms, I realized this may not be the best application. I attached the PCB to a stick & waved it for a photo. It displayed a word, but it was forward & backward. I also attached them to the inside of an umbrella, which was mildly successful.



Eventually I concluded that nunchucks would be a great application for the POV boards. I created a quick prototype before creating the final nunchucks.



When a ninja encounters a confrontation, he/she can choose to display a good or bad message depending on their mood & situation. One nunchuck is light toned (good message) & one nunchuck is dark toned (bad message). This is an epic tale of a hero & his external as well as internal struggles of what is good & what is bad.

Author: Damon Ahola

Assistant & MFA grad student attending Products of Design at School of Visual Arts.

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  1. Great job, Damon. That was pretty EPIC. I love how you used the city lights as your backdrop!

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