Hi, I’m Heath Wagoner


   Hi my names is Heath Wagoner but you can call me Heath, Heathbones, Heathbar or Heathcliff. (Heathbones is my favorite and it is also my twitter/ instagram name)  I am from the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  I am from the Outer Banks of NC.  I love almost any beach and anyone who is interested in a road trip is welcome to join me!


I went to East Carolina University  where I studied Jewelery and Metalsmithing. While there I met many amazing people and lived in Italy for a while, it changed my life and shaped the way I think about food.  After graduating I moved to NYC where I got a job working with Pamela Love on her design team.  I have worked there for two years and plan to remain working there during this first semester.


On top of working for Pam I also make a line of men’s jewelery deemed Heath Wagoner NY.  I sell my work on Pam’s website and my own website.  Below is a picture of some of my work that I made recently.


I look forward to getting to know all you and making alongside you all.  I think that cooking your meals and interacting with your food is very important to personal identity, so feel free to cook with me.  I like beards and consider myself to be a kale enthusiast.


Author: Heath Wagoner

Most of the times I make jewelery or food, sometimes I just make a mess. Kale enthusiast.

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