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The Superfood Superhero gets her power from fresh fruits and vegetables. Her clothes are made from fruit and she can ward off evil with larger-than-life carrots. You can spot her at the Union Square Green Market.




I was not one of those superhero-loving kids growing up, so I started this project by asking some questions and trying to learn more about superheroes:

1. What accessories do superheroes use?

2. What do superheroes eat?

3. What are some superhero powers?

4. What makes someone a superhero?

5. What’s the problem with superhero accessories?


When I think of superhero accessories, I think of plastic kids costumes that are sold in Halloween stores and worn once before thrown away. An edible costume would be all natural and create less waste.  I wanted to make it out of healthy foods because a superhero should promote healthy eating. I thought about a kale cape or banana peels. But I wanted something durable. Fruit leather seemed like the perfect option.

It’s easy to make fruit leather by blending three cups of fruit and then cooking it in the oven at 175 degrees for 4-5 hours. I made two leathers: banana and mango for yellow and raspberries and strawberries for red.

I planned to make arm cuffs and a belt buckle from fruit leather as well as a mask from edible paint.



Once I had my material, I prototyped an arm cuff and belt buckle and measured the dimensions. I knew I wanted to use string to lace the accessories. I wanted to punch holes in the leather. Boris in the VFL suggested using grommets so the leather wouldn’t rip. The material was too delicate and broke when I tried to hammer in the grommet, but I tested out folding it a few times and was pleased that it worked!



For the face paint, I mixed corn starch, whole milk, water and two different natural dyes: turmeric for yellow and cherry juice for pink. Even the Superfood Superhero’s makeup is made from healthy food!



The Superfood Superhero helps kids learn to love great produce. Kids can easily make her costume for Halloween. Look for the Superfood Superhero at farmers markets around the world!


Special thanks to Jung’s GIF-making tutorial! 

Julia Plevin

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