Laser-cut / Water Carrier

Laser cut- referring to the act of laser cutting, it is a technology often used in industrial fields or programs to quickly cut materials such as woods, plastics, metals and papers

 Water Carrier- this has multiple meanings.  It can be a literal translation or refer to a symbol in religious iconography.  I chose the more literal definition.
Because the word carrier made me think of movement and the idea of traveling.  I decided to create a very transient object that is reusable and easy to transport.
I wanted a cup that was flat when transported and that punched out of a sheet of whatever material I chose.  That could be assembled and then disassembled easily so that it could be transported.  I compared images of paper cups and camping cups.
I started by making sketches on and out of paper.  My original design was a more complicated three part cup. After trial and error I arrived at my final design. I used the simple shapes of a pyramid and a prism in the end.  I found that these shapes fit easily into a 8.5x 11 in sheet of paper or plastic.
Once I arrived at my design in paper I used Illustrator to create a file for the laser cutter.
I used the red lines to tell the machine where to cut and then the black lines to tell it where to score the material to allow for it to bend.
Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 3.57.47 PM
To assemble follow the instructions on the 8.5x 11 punch out.
1.Punch out the two pieces
2. Fold along the score lines to form the prism and pyramid shape.
3. On the pyramid fold the tab over the lip to hold it together.
4. On the prism insert the tabs into one another to create a base.
Fill the pyramid with water or another liquid and enjoy, set it in the base when you get tired.

Author: Heath Wagoner

Most of the times I make jewelery or food, sometimes I just make a mess. Kale enthusiast.