Single LED was OK but strandtest.. not

After the last class which I couldn’t work my arduino stuff on my laptop, we tried to figure out the problem with Borris. Having tried many different things we achieved to make a blink -without knowing what we did- Then I thought all the problems are solved with my laptop and arduino.. But they aren’t.. I think the main problem is about “strandtest” because I imported strandtest manually to my library and it doesn’t work properly.

Here is my trials and failures:

First I started the Arduino application, and then connected the cords with a single RGB LED. Then I ran floratest and played with colors and delays.. Here are pics and videos:IMG_1975



Then, when I tried to make some trials with strandtest I couldn’t achieve it. Although I learned how to import things to library (we are not supposed to import files to the arduino file in program files, we should import them into the documents/arduino/libraries) And the second rule is legal file name, we should avoid using “-” in file names, but “_” works.