Laser-cut Light-up Jockstrap

Sorry this is really late…..

This is a product for all those bois that have ever dared to go to an underwear party or a circuit party, and want to be the center of attention.

g5-circuit-party-taipei-2013-1                                   Look thats him on top!

I picked this because I think its a fun idea that hasn’t been done.  I also picked it because I am fairly confident that I can construct a jockstrap

These are my materials:


Lycra, Elastic, Arduino board, motion sensor, pixels, and pixel strip.

imageThe front pouch is made of two pieces of fabric and will house the Flora board and the battery pack.  The Pixel strips will be on the sides of the jockstrap and the waist band will have a laser cut logo.

Author: Heath Wagoner

Most of the times I make jewelery or food, sometimes I just make a mess. Kale enthusiast.