Vibration Display

I’m interested in working with mechanical pixels. Sort of like this:

My idea is to replace the “pixels” with little mirrors, or foam shapes, or bottle caps, or plastic toys…maybe they are interchangeable. These objects will then vibrate visibly when activated and stop when deactivated. The vibration is much more apparent in person but here’s a video of the prototype:

Each pixel will consist of a vibrating motor attached to a piece of wire with the object mounted on the other end. here’s a section:


These will be turned off and on by the arduino serial output routed through shift registers. Each register will control a group of pixels:


I could turn this into a mirror as in the given example, but I’m thinking more towards some simple animation. The content will also depend on how far I get – the more pixels, the greater resolution and potential. I could also envision this incorporated into a more 3 dimensional form – a sculpture that pulsates in weird ways.

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