GLOW spoon progress

About the GLOW Interactive Toddler Spoon:

Feeding toddlers is a problem for the parents because the toddlers tend to lose their interest easily. Therefore they refuse eating their food and get attracted by other things surrounding them.

GLOW Spoon is an interactive toddler spoon that aims to attract toddlers during the meal time. Thanks to the capacitive touch sensor, every time the toddler puts the spoon into his/her mouth the spoon lights up charmingly.

Process and current status:

Having collected all the electronic parts I need, I started to solder the battery to the Stand-alone capacitive touch switch. Then I tested the capacitive touch with a metal and a plastic spoon.

What I learned?

If  you want to increase the sensitivity of the capacitive switch, it is actually quite easy! You just need to increase the area of the conductive surface by soldering it to the small ring in the middle of the switch.

to be continued..




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