Signal Jammer Pants

The Signal Jammer Pants are a pair of hacked Levi 514s’ that houses an arduino board and signal jammer. The pants are connected to a circuit,  that is activated by a HWNY Greek Crown ring (or any other ring) worn by the pants operator.   When the wearer’s hand is placed into the back right pocket of the jeans they turn on the signal jammer!

Here are process shots……


photo (1) signaljammer1 signaljammer1

Here are some photos of the circuit that is made with conductive fabric and how the pants are activated….

4 3 2

Finally it all comes together in this video where one partner is too busy to even notice that his partner is really even there until his electronics are shut off, forcing him to put down his devices and acknowledge his partner.  This video serves as a mix between a public service announcement and an advertisement.

A special thanks to François Gramoli who is not an actual jerk.

Author: Heath Wagoner

Most of the times I make jewelery or food, sometimes I just make a mess. Kale enthusiast.

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