Nocturnal Emissions


The Internet is so loaded with non-sequiters that it’s impairing our ability to enjoy the craziness that takes place in our own minds each night as we sleep.  I felt that my own sense of wonder had been seriously impaired and I decided to combat this by making an Internet Enabled Mash Up Dream Generator.

When you approach the box, attracted by the slowly pulsing blue button, the box lights up and begins to play a relaxing Nocturne.  You stare into the infinitely repeating blue LED void and descend into a dream state.  Press the pulsing button and it generates your dream!  The dreams are generated by taking important news headlines and pop cultural icon’s twitter feeds and then mashing them up and filtering them through lines of Beat Poet Allan Ginsberg’s signature work Howl.

Here’s an example.



This one says . . .

“Happy.  Free.  Confused.  Lonely.  At the same time.  (@TaylorSwift13) An Outsized Rapscalion let loose in postwar England! (@nytimesarts) Incomparable blind streets of shuddering cloud and lightning in the mind leaping toward poles of Canada & Paterson, Illuminating all the motionless world of time between.  (AG, Howl)”

Here’s a link to the instructable

And here’s a link to my movie on Vimeo.

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