Movin’ Rumbler

I disassembled a toy truck which can move around and make sounds with some lights on wheels.

fotoğraf 1

fotoğraf 2

When I took out the visible screws at the bottom of the truck, the toy was divided into two pieces. The bottom part was containing all the electronical parts. The upper part was a set of some injection molded plastic peces.

fotoğraf 3

The electronical parts was containing of two cips, 4 LEDs on wheels, one motor, some plastic gears , a speaker, a switch, 3 AA battery and the battery case.

fotoğraf 5

The speaker.

fotoğraf 9fotoğraf 12

The LEDs were placed inside the wheels.

fotoğraf 17

The motor and the plastic gears. It was full of oil so I did not play much with it .

fotoğraf 16fotoğraf 8

There were two chips. The biggest one has a code (HYOOO3B) but I couldn’t find anything on Google. Also there wasn’t any code on the smaller one.

fotoğraf 21

The battery case.

fotoğraf 22

Here is the all parts. I used a single screwdriwer to tear down the toy.

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