Apple Speaker Teardown by Marianna Me-zhi-bov-ska-ya

1Apple speaker in closed and off position.

2Apple speaker twisted into the open position

3Injection molded accordion plastic tube ripped out of blue injection molded speaker frame.  (Video of LED on.)

4Then I removed 4 small screws to release the printed circuit board and attached battery.

5Then I moved the blue injection molded switch to turn on the multi-colored LED.

6The back of the PCB includes an audio jack, a charge port, a toggle switch, a 10V 220μF capacitor

7Next I removed the speaker from the blue and metallic injection molded cap using an X-acto knife.

8SL 4 OHM 3 Watt speaker.

9The 3 tools I used to complete this teardown were the Leatherman Wave, Precision Screw Driver with phillips and flathead bit, and an X-acto knife.

The tape measure is just sexy!

The designed process that interested me most was the injection molded accordion tube. Its whiteness and the thickness of the flexible plastic filtered the brightness of the LED while remaining illuminating.

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