Disassembling the Digimon D-Terminal

“The D-Terminal is a palmtop computer used by the DigiDestined in Digimon Adventure 02. Although it is a normal item from the Real World, it has the ability to store multiple Digi-Eggs, allowing the DigiDestined to use multiple Armor evolutions”

-Digimon Wikia

As you can see, the D-Terminal is a serious piece of equipment, and the utmost caution was used in the disassembling of the device.



First the battery port was removed, revealing some very old, corroded batteries.


 Then the back plate screws were removed, giving us access to the internal components.


Upon closer inspection we could see two 10μF capacitors, two 100Ω resistors, and an unlabeled crystal oscillator, which looks similar to those that are 32KHz. There are three small glass encased cylinders that I was also unable to identify to the left of the two capacitors above the resistors.


Underneath all the buttons there were these circuits that were completed when pressed.


Between the circuit and injection molded plastic there was a silicon nipple with a conductive material on the bottom to help complete said circuits.


When you flip over the board you can detach the screen. Interestingly enough there were two strips of rubbery materials sandwiched between the exposed circuits. connecting the display to the circuit board.


The body, buttons and trim were injection molded plastic. The screen was tempered glass and PCB’s made of copper laid over a non conductive substrate. The nipples that facilitated button pressing were molded silicone.

Looking back at my childhood memories, I expected this thing to be way more complicated inside but seeing as it was designed for children the simplicity of the circuit board and all it’s components make sense.


Something I noticed while dissembling the D-Terminal was how badly the eroding battery wrecked the circuit board. It has never been exposed to water and has been stored away safely with other electronics for years.

Teardown by Jonathan Lung