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My first ideation page/nightlight idea draws inspiration from Final Fantasy VII [undoubtedly one of the best video games OF ALL TIME]. The main character’s final weapon is called ultima weapon, and features a very white blade. I want to create a plush toy where the blade is lit by white/blue LEDs. I think I’ll need to reexamine the configuration of the sword handle since it seems a bit too complicated right now [I’m not the best sewer].

I did see something at Maker Faire today that inspired me. Foxonix produces a small microcontroller for inserting sound into projects. I would like to configure this plush toy so that when someone swings it, the victory theme from Final Fantasy plays [motion sensing + foxonix].image

Idea number two is the least creative I think, but on the other hand is probably the most feasible. I have a naga tattooed on my chest, so I thought that it would be fun to create a plush toy that looked like my tattoo. The head/tail would light up, as would some of the scales along the length of the body.image

My final idea is to recreate the needler from Halo. Formal issues aside [I was thinking that I could use cardboard/chipboard to define each of the distinct shapes of the weapon], I’d like to have each needle be lit up by purple leds. I could then have a small arduino board in there that is connected to a touch sensor/button so that each time the trigger is pressed, a needle dims [I’d like to insert sound here as well, possibly with the Foxonix board]. When all the needles are dimmed, the next button press would “reload” the gun visually and audibly. image[edit]: I realized that the Needler doesn’t even need a trigger as shown above. It could function like a sock puppet:


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  1. Nice sketches!! My vote is for the needler since it seems like the most fun, and the plush body can be relatively simple sewing. You can use tablecloth vinyl, flexible 3d printing filament (like Ninjaflex in their clear color), laser-cut acrylic, or any number of other translucent rigid-ish materials for the spikes. Check out this project to see what I mean about the 3d printing:

    For this project I want you to focus on the light diffusion and sewn construction of your night light (we’re having a “no microcontroller” rule for this project), but here’s the new adafruit sound board that would be great for what you’re describing:

    and you could certainly expand upon the device’s functions in a future project if you like! For now just focus on building the thing and making it light up how you want. A stopgap solution for various LED states would be to use a multi-position toggle switch that lights up different sets of LEDs, or have multiple switches inside the part where your hand goes. But focus on the materials and lights first!

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