Plush NightLlight Concept Sketches (Oscar de la Hera Gomez)

After brainstorming a series of ideas from the Santiago Bernabeu, through to Lightsabers and finally Atlas. I decided upon the following three ideas: 070, España and a Real Madrid Nightlight. Please note that all the night lights include a LCD clock display.


070 – The area code of The Hague (Netherlands) is a combination of digits that has always meant a lot to me and thus I designed this nightlight to have these three numbers in the three colours that represent the (sexiest) away kit of the dutch national team – Orange and Black – two colours that fit the area code nicely. To this I would laser cut delasign in an designed font as well as Den Haag as well as a series of names around the base, as a reminder of my roots. Finally, the design would die down as the sun rises and would include an on/off switch (maintained press) that would allow it to turn on as well as to change LED mode (single press).


España – Inspired by the original logo by Joan Miro would be a nightlight that would be mounted on a wooden base, which would have the same features described above. The discs, arc and star would be made out of acrylic/plexiglass and would be covered in a fabric to make it soft as well as to resemble the colour demonstrated in the images. These colours would represent Spain and the base would represent the cities that mean the most to me. Finally, as demonstrated in the image, these discs, arcs and star would be mounted on poles that would allow the nightlight to rotate, causing a ‘Gyro-scopic’ style motion.


Real Madrid Nightlight – The Real Madrid nightlight is inspired by a investment banking ‘tombstone’ and the logo that sits on the Santiago Bernabeu (the front of the stadium). This ‘tombstone’ would be made of glass/acrylic and sit onto of a prism that would cause the light to flash out in all directions. The Real Madrid logo, the number 11 as well as a series of features would be engraved onto the ‘tombstone’ using laser cutting and would sit on a plastic base that would be covered in a fabric. The nightlight would carry the same features described in the above two, with the difference that the tap of the on switch would cause the LEDs to flash from one side to another and would include a custom jingle that could be heard when pressing a button found on the base of the nightlight.

I look forward to making one of these !


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