Lou’s Night Lamps

  1. Gloves (Bear Gloves)
    I always wear mittens during winter. And: Winter is coming!
    So I wanted to create bear mittens where the mouth would be illuminated with red light when we would open and close the bear’s mouth.
    photo 3-21
  1. Reading Lamp
    I can’t go to bed and fall asleep. I always need to read or watch a series. And the problem with ceiling lamps or table night lamps are that once you almost falling asleep, you have to wake up and turn the light off. So I thought of creating a small doll, with the light as a head and the fabric body filled with polystyrene microbeads, so that it can take any position and be placed anywhere.
    photo 2-25
  1. Blanket
    I have always a blanket at home for watching television, reading a book, etc. And I thought it would be nice to have one that I designed and created.

One thought on “Lou’s Night Lamps”

  1. Nice sketches Lou! I think your mittens idea is the strongest, as it has a very clear use and will be fun to experiment with light+fabric. You will want to find a “normally closed” momentary switch– there may be some in the closet in VFL (or at radioshack). They look the same as normal pushbuttons, but the connection is broken when the switch is pressed. This way when you press the mitten hand closed, the LEDs will shut off, and turn on when you release the switch and open your hand.

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