Impact Helmet by Eden

As a native Texan I’m supposed to be interested or at least aware of football. But I guess I’m just a bad Texan for not being into football culture. However I’ve always been interested in brains and guts, and after reading some articles about football players and head trauma, I was inspired to make this plush night light.

For those who don’t know, many football players suffer from CTE, chronic traumatic encephalopathy. When the player gets knocked around in the head, the brain tissue starts to degenerate and an accumulation of tau proteins start to form. These proteins cause long term symptoms such as aggression, depression, dementia and more.

My impact helmet could be an educational tool for people to visually experience the effects of hitting someone in the head. Perhaps for parents, can monitor the amount of times their kids are creating force on their developing brains. If many kids are wearing them during a game, they may be able to see the effects of hitting others in the head.

During the process of prototyping the helmet, I learned a lot about sewing rounded, headpieces. The craft isn’t quite there yet, and with some practice I’d like to try and perfect it. Soldering and learning the circuitry was entirely new to me and I would like to find better ways of creating a more stable impact switch in my helmet.




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