Lou’s Three Ideas For Innovative Switches

Three ideas for innovative switches:

1. Walrus marionette
I want to add some conductive thread inside the walrus’s mouth so that when we close it, the conductive thread will connect and the eyes and tusks will light up.

2. Mittens with straps
These mittens will have straps that are illuminated when we close the conductive hook and loop tape together. The straps will have different colors, depending on where you strap them.

3. TAXI gloves
On these gloves there is a conductive thread on the top of the middle finger (on the inside of the hand) and on the top of the index finger (on the back of the hand). When we connect the two conductive parts, ‘TAXI’ will light up in the palm of our hand, so that taxis see us more easily during winter when it’s freezing and dark.

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