Visualizing music, art installations & everyday objects – 3 Ideas for Final Project

Scan 3 Scan 5

Initial sketches for the final project

Play with Music

I would love to find a way to take the music visualizer in iTunes (hit command+T when you’re listening to a song) and make that into something 3D. (1) and (2) are potential ideas.

Manipulating sound through movement is another idea I’m exploring. I imagine a room full of punching bags and using punches and kicks to change the music. See (3) below.


Art Installation

I want to make something large scale and epic! I drew inspiration from these two videos:

An idea I’m exploring is having an empty room with what look like “flat” walls, but as soon as the user enters, the walls start to inflate and appear to “swallow” the user. Another idea would be similar to Zimoun and the work by panGenerator in that I would explore multiplication of a simple item. Imagine a wall covered in Zimoun’s drum like machines being controlled by light e.g. from a flashlight.

Scan 1

I am looking to collaborate so if you think you’d be into one of these ideas let me know!

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