Chelsea and Eden’s Final Project

Inspired by MFA Computer Arts Code Conscious exhibition in the SVA Flatiron Gallery, Chelsea and
have decided to team up to create an interactive digital/physical installation. We stumbled upon Terry Dame and Federico Muelas’s Sonic Graphite 2B exhibit while getting sodas. At first we thought it was a giant collaborative drawing on the wall, but we soon learned that the graphite to graphite contact would output sounds. The installation was fun and collaborative, and we revisited it two more times to figure out its construction.


We started mind-mapping possible inputs and outputs to figure out interesting cause and effects we could produce. Creating a list of verbs helped us think about the overall interaction. Ideas like pulling light or smearing sound could be interesting gestures to experiment with.
idea3 idea2 2014-11-15-17.364 2014-11-15-17.36
One idea is to use a pulse monitor to read people’s heart rate. When “plugged in” the speed of heart rates will emit different sounds.
Another idea is to create modular connective structures. People have to play around with the connections to discover new sounds.
Our goals for this project are to start small and simple, and focus on creating a well-crafted final product. We think it will be a new challenge for us to output sound rather than lights. We also want our installation to evoke a sense of playfulness and curiosity.
Moving Forward:
For our feasibility tests, Chelsea and I will start building simple circuits with soundboards and different types of sensors. Starting small and learning about the technical considerations will ultimately drive us to understand the possible forms this could take.
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