Smiley by Marianna Mezhibovskaya



For my final Making Studio project, I wanted to use the act of smiling as a trigger. I also wanted to incorporate chocolate! Below is the process I went through to create Smiley, the candy machine that invites and shares the reward simultaneously!

I started by downloading an application called Auto Smiley, an +openFrameworks project created by Theo Watson, and recommended to me by my teacher Becky Stern, that uses computer vision recognition to detect smiling. Once a smile is recognized, Auto Smiley sends the infamous 🙂 signal to any text based application you have open on your screen… Be careful not to accidentally click into, and simultaneously butcher, your Arduino code.

After using the app to turn on and off an led light using the push button example found in the Experimenter’s Guide to Arduino, I connected a motor circuit and combined the two codes together.

Next I bought the Candy Wizard, a motion-activated candy dispenser. I hacked it apart and kept only the motor and sensor housing, and the clear candy container.





Then I bought a webcam to make my candy machine a bit more portable.




I drafted and laser cut a box to house the candy machine, arduino, and cables.



Then, with much thanks to Jon Lung’s expert advice and quick prototyping, I built a  a split ramp so that when candy drops, it gets sent to 2 trays on either side of the Smiley machine.







For more pictures and detailed instructions visit the Instructables link below:

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