Wooden Stones Art Installation Proposal

Wood Stones is a proposed art installation that would take place in an indoor gallery space. The instructions listed below are for the prototype of the installation. The installation aims to create a sense of delight, curious and wonder for visitors to the site. With the use of a motion sensor, small motors attached to wooden stones begin to vibrate across the floor. The installation explores the concept of multiplication by taking a relatively simple object and multiplying it for a larger effect.

Inspiration was drawn from the work of Zimoun and Pan Generator.

The instructable for this project can be found here.

Below are a few images of the project.

IMG_1603 circuit_diagram

Image, left: circuit setup. Image, right: circuit diagram.

IMG_1608 IMG_1138

Image, left: detail of wooden stones. Image, right: from blocks to stones.

IMG_1215 IMG_1245

Image, left and right: experimenting with different materials with motors.


Image: model of proposed installation.

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