Alexa: Automatic Stapler Teardown

Who doesn’t love an automatic stapler? These powerful machines will run a staple through up to 25 sheets of paper at a time, using nothing but an optical sensor and a good solid “thwack” from within.


I started by prying apart the carapace, and found a treasure trove of goodies.

IMG_1888 IMG_1884 IMG_1944 IMG_1941

Springs, wires, and interlocking gears comprised the main mechanical component, and I also scored an engine, an optical sensor, and a really neat circuit board.


I’m not sure what this thing does? Maybe the crowd will know.


Parts included:

Carapace (ABS plastic)

7x interlocking gears covered in blue petroleum crap

6x steel screws of varying size

Steel plate with springs for battery housing (+ end)

Plates for battery housing (- end)

Mystery foam for protecting the circuit board

Liuho 9461 board, produced in November 2009

PSM ROHS engine

Optical sensor

Button and lever set

Sliding load mechanism for staples

And one Swingline label sticker.

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