Week 6 Homework

Hey everyone,
For class on October 15th, the homework is as follows:
-Finish your plush toy and create a formal presentation. Remember that there will be a special guest coming in for critiques. We will be queuing up before class so make sure your keynote presentation is uploaded to Dropbox if you have one. Your presentation should include the story behind your toy, and how you tackled the light diffusion challenge. Please direct your critique by highlighting aspects of your project on which you’d like feedback.

-Create a blog post showing your final plush toy as well as the story behind it, materials used and how you solved the diffusion problem. Also include what you would do differently if you had to do it again. Post to the blog by 10pm on Oct. 14th. Video optional but encouraged!

If you have multiple prototypes, bring them in to show your process.

If you want parts from Adafruit, email your requests to Becky (with product URLs) and she will put together a group order and bring it to PoD after work on Monday. You can also email her for circuit help.

Have fun!

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