Foxfire by Alexa Forney

For generations, foxes and fashionable women have had a contentious relationship.

But a new era has dawned, and now fashionable ladies and foxes can coexist in peace. As a gesture of friendship, foxes are lending their gift of foxfire to the women of the world, in exchange for admittance to their fancy cocktail parties.


This concept evolved fairly quickly from a rough sketch–of my ideations it was my strong favorite from the get-go. Drafting an altered Peter Pan collar was my first step; my classmates suggested that a fully stuffed fox would stray into neck-pillow territory, so I opted instead for a thick velvet fabric that would have some volume on its own.

IMG_2299IMG_2309 IMG_2311

I left both ends open after sewing the collar to allow insertion and adjustment of my LED array; they are wired parallel to each other. One in each ear, two in the tail.



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