Stalaglite – the ultimate blanket cave experience

Back Story

Lexi likes to play cave explorer when she’s supposed to be asleep.  She flips her blankets over her head and grabs a small flashlight she keeps on her nightstand.  She crawls through the cave, searching for poor lost Hammy Hamster McPlushmaster.  But something about her flashlight keeps Hammy Hamster McPlushmaster in hiding.  Now she can leave the flashlight on the nightstand when she drapes her Stalaglite blanket over her bed.  Now she can find Hammy again.  Her blanket cave experience will never be the same.


Pattern making and testing on scrap fabric

Fabric selection

Tracing patterns onto fabric (below)


Cutting out patterns

Sewing into cones (below)


Cut holes in blanket

Insert cones into blanket holes

Whipstitch cones to blanket

Make dat circuit

Insert LEDs



What to do Differently

The scale of the project was ambitious considering the time frame and my sewing abilities.  I probably should have done it on a washcloth and put about 4 stalaglites on it.  That would’ve made more sense.  I think the stalaglites could be a bit smaller, and the blanket would benefit from greater diversity in stalaglite sizes.

Ideally, the blanket would use string lights and there would be lights in each of the stalaglites.

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