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“There was a large branch, stretching into the living room from outside through the window, with that soft fruit hanging at the end of it. I touched the branch, feeling her friendliness. It wanted me to take the fruit.”

Story of Leaving tells us a story about the end of a planet. When people knew their planet was going to die, they planned to move. For years they stopped giving birth to babies,  building new architectures, being sad and puzzled. They traveled to every corner on the planet, trying to remember.

There was a young man who traveled around the planet for years and had not been home since he started the Journey. Just the day before every human getting on the spaceship, he went back home to pick up the memory of his home. And there he found the tree which was still a seed when human knew the news of the death of the planet. But now the tree had grown up. And there was a branch stretching inside through his window which he forgot to close when he leaved. And the leaving fruit was right at the end of the branch.

It’s a fruit you are supposed to take from the tree every time you leave home, or move far away.

Don’t be afraid and don’t be sad. Just like trees are the home of fruits, leaving home is just a part of mature.

A ritual to say goodbye.

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