transmission: A Creativity Measurement System

For my final project I created a wearable device and display system, called “transmission”.

It can be too easy to get stuck overthinking your ideas and letting your gears grind without making any progress. As makers, designers, engineers, hobbyists, etc. it is crucial for us to get out of our heads and sketch out our ideas as they come. It takes practice, but ultimately the more we sketch, the more we can create and the better we can share our ideas.

Inspired by Craighton Berman’s Pencil Sharpener, “transmission” allows you to measure your creativity based on how much you draw. The wearable tech form accommodates any tool preference – from pencil to sharpie to finger paint. This is a two part system including a wearable band that tracks your drawing and a desktop display of your progress.

The instructable to create this design can be found here:

I really enjoyed this project and could see furthering it in a few ways. First I would work on the housing for the wearable. I attempted creating a 3D printed case but didn’t have time to iterate until the size was just right. I think the display could potentially exist in a variety of ways and would be interested in trying other less box-y forms. Finally, the code could definitely be more robust. Incorporating some type of reset for when you reach the top of the display and considering what happens when either the FLORA or the display is powered off are both potential considerations moving forward.