Task: The Ambient Planner by Arjun Kalyanpur

Here it is, y’all! The final Making Studio Project! What a crazy fun ride it’s been. Please see my project description below, as well as the links to the YouTube video and Instructable I created. Enjoy!

I believe smartphones and social media lead us to feel overwhelmed and overloaded by the amount of detailed information we consume each day. Add in the fact that some jobs expect almost 24/7 reachability, and our once organized planners begin to look a lot like daunting novels. 

Enter Task: The Ambient Planner. By connecting an online to-do list (Todoist, https://todoist.com/) to Task, we can reduce some of the informational clutter we get assaulted with each day.

Now, when you add or complete an item on your list, Task will light up or turn off an LED in turn. In doing so, we can simply glance at an ambient display to see how much we have on our plates, rather than get overwhelmed with written or typed text.

Thanks for watching!! I can’t wait to hear your feedback and see your wonderful projects.

The Instructable teaching you how to make your own Task cube can be found here.


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