Hey, I’m Will Crum!



I’ve always been a creative person, a novelty seeker in love with new ideas, art and music. Now I’m ready to become a creative professional.  So after 3 years working as an account manager in advertising, I’m here at Products of Design to start something new. (Here you can see me, waving from my past life.)

I’m new to programming, but I’m a symbolic thinker comfortable and excited with the potential Arduino has to bring my ideas to life. I’m a bit unsure of my ability to dexterously handle the small components involved in our kit, but hopefully I’m not as clumsy-handed as I think. (Seven years of piano lessons can’t have gone completely to waste, right?)

I’m also a people person, an illustrator and draftsman, a soccer fanatic (playing it, watching it), and a fiction reader. Most of all, I’m an eager student.



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