Tear apart a toy cellphone by Teng


The whole body is made of plastic and the keyboard is made of rubber, the main assembling way is using screws, and some of the parts locked together,the most interesting part is the ball in the center of four keys,it will hit on a button which on the circuit board when you push it, but there’s no reaction when you roll it. The reason why designer do this is because the press button is pretty common on children’s toys, but rolling ball button is not common and kids can explore the feeling of rolling and pressing at the same time.the rubber keys give you a good touching feelings. and one more interesting parts is the rubber keys, they touched more soft than the side key and light keys, kids can get different feelings when they tough the keys on the toy. the light keys are made of PVC plastic, the other parts I’m not sure. but design for kids should be safe.

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  1. What kinds of plastic are the parts made from, and what are the parts’ methods of production? Could you disassemble the circuit further and identify the various parts of it? You’re missing the following elements of the assignment:

    -Identify the manufacturing techniques/equipment used to make it
    -Select two design elements that interest you and describe why you think the designer made it that way

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