The Sun (Plushie Prototype Part 1)

For my plushie prototype, I wanted to make something that could be a decoration for my home. Even though I moved to my apartment a month ago, I still find it not as comfortable as my room back in South Korea. So, I decided to make a plushie light that can reveal a bit of my personality. I was first inspired by the Richard Clarkson who made the Cloud, and I was interested in making light-up cushions that would represent our solar system. Therefore, I started to make my first prototype of “the Sun”


KakaoTalk_Photo_2016-10-05-18-28-07_40.jpegI bought this three-quarter yard of nice and soft plushy materials for 13 dollars. Since this was just my first prototype, I did not want to make it too big.



Then, I googled sphere sewing patterns, and Multi-segment construction style looked pretty awesome to me.

two-piece-three-and-multi-segment-paterns-291688.jpg This one!


KakaoTalk_Photo_2016-10-05-18-27-59_93.jpegI made a 4inch X 7inch eye-shape pattern with white pape, and I traced the shape.


KakaoTalk_Photo_2016-10-05-18-27-55_59.jpegThen, I cut 6 of the same pattern with Kevin’s nice scissor!


KakaoTalk_Photo_2016-10-05-18-27-54_4.jpegNow it is time for me to stitch them together!


KakaoTalk_Photo_2016-10-05-18-27-46_76.jpegMore sewing!


KakaoTalk_Photo_2016-10-05-18-27-41_81.jpegAs you can see from this picture, I had so much fun sewing it by hand! But, for the next prototype, I am definitely learning how to use a sewing machine!


KakaoTalk_Photo_2016-10-05-18-27-30_18.jpegI flipped inside-out and stuffed with supreme fiber fill! …somehow it looked more like a pumpkin or a tomato, not the Sun. I should try to make a different pattern to make sphere.

..KakaoTalk_Photo_2016-10-05-18-27-25_91.jpegThen, I went to a store called Thinksphere to buy things that I wanted to play around with. I bought a battery pack and white LED bulb and etc. (I even bought a Bluetooth module just because it sounded so cool.)


KakaoTalk_Photo_2016-10-05-18-27-20_14.jpegI made a simple circuit diagram! Then, I put the circuit into my sun plushy.


KakaoTalk_Photo_2016-10-05-19-31-48_77.jpegOh man. Where did my sun go? I am seeing Halloween pumpkin right there. The white stuff next to the sun should look like a cloud… oh well, I should put more LED lights and try different materials for the surface. I’d better start to work on the next prototype now.


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