Bird frame

The frame lights up by interacting with the origami birds. Each bird needs a different kind of interaction to make its counterpart light up in the frame, depending on the sensor. There are three different sensors: Hall effect sensor, force sensitive sensor and a light dependent resistor.

Here is my working arduino circuit:

I started by first making the individual circuits work independently and then combined them into one sketch to work together. The next thing was designing the frame itself based on which birds I wanted to make. I made a lot of different birds and ended up with the three seen below. The reason for these was aesthetic appeal as well as level of complexity which would let me/the user to interact with them in multiple ways. I then laser cut the frame graphic and made a box with partitions to block light from one bird to the other. And finally I added all the lights within the frame.

I wanted to use neopixels as the light source, but I couldn’t get them to vary their brightness based on the inputs and they were at fixed brightness. So my next step will be to incorporate those and make the divisions in the frame for all the birds.


Author: Smruti

Student at SVA, New York