Hannah’s Fun with Lesson 1

Hi there! As some of you may know, I have a bit of prior experience with Arduino, coding, and circuits, but these initial lessons were a really great refresher for me and helped me gauge my current level. I tried to add a few lines of code here and there (including for-loops, if-then statements, and arrays), and coded from scratch whenever I felt comfortable. Here’s what I got:

 Add More LEDs

Here is a nice little sequence of lights.

It looks cool when you go a little faster.

Then I changed up the sequence a bit.


I wanted to this with all five LEDs. I tried couple of ways to do it… the one below definitely did not work.

I think it’s because I was trying to do some things with for-loops that I may have made too complicated. I simplified it to a nice, neat array below.


Here’s the plain circuit.

Then I put some newsprint over it to diffuse the light.

And then I cut a layer to make a somewhat creepy jack-o-lantern sort of thing.

That’s All!

And please let me know if you need help with your circuits! I am happy to help if you’re feeling intimidated. I promise it’s not as scary as my jack-o-lantern.

Author: Hannah Rudin

MFA Candidate in Products of Design at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Currently pursuing a thesis project on merging design and team-building practices to counter social and political polarization in America.

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