Hi everyone, I found a ‘music toy’ which I think is for kids, with a couple of buttons, three LEDs and a speaker.


Manufacture technology

The wires and chips or metal are connected by soldering. The whole manufacturing process of PBC board is:


The plastic casing is made by injection molding or slush molding.

At last, assemble everything.

Part numbers


I think the part number is hj-051-1c, but I have trouble with finding a match on datasheet.


screwdriver & cutter

Design elements

1.As you can see from the image down there. The keys on the outer surface of the toy can be pressed from all four directions. But the interiors work in a completely different manner. There is one button inside which, when pressed on the right side for example – connects the circuit on the right. This completion of the circuit results in a particular song being played. This essentially means that there is one conductive button inside which plays all four songs.



2. Another element is switch.


Ummm, I really don’t know how to arrange my words shortly. The switch is very simple but a little bit tricky at the same time. If you want to know, come to me, I can explain it to you 🙂