Teardown – Remote Controlled Car

Remote Car Teardown from Antya Waegemann on Vimeo.

The car teardown was super interesting and fun. It was a little difficult at first to figure out what every was. It seems as though the materials used to make it were rather simple including the circuit board, wiring, small motors, batteries, and then the plastic to make the mold of the object.

The only tools I needed for the teardown were a small screwdriver, a larger screwdriver and then some scissors to cut the wire to separate everything, but it was rather easy to take apart and seems like a lot of glue was used as well.

Two design elements that interested me about this product was first the simplicity of it. It looks really complex especially as a remote control car, but taking it apart showed me that it really didn’t have too many components. Another design aspect that interested me was the motors and it would be interesting to see how the work and how it all connects, almost as if I could have a translucent car.