Yamaha PortaSound PSS-16

This is an old keyboard that my family has had for many years. I decided to tear is apart because I was curious what kind of technology existed inside of it. I came to find out that there actually wasn’t as much internally as I would have thought and it only required a screwdriver to disassemble.




Here is the list of what I found:

  1. Lots of screws (actually it was all screws to take it apart)
  2. Multiple touch sensitive boards 
  3. Rubber molded buttons
  4. Two speakers
  5. A metal plate and plastic molded keys, as pieces of the part you play on.
  6. And last but not least the brains of the system, which includes the YM7137-3D chip made by Jotrin.

Everything Together


Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything about some of the board components. Maybe it’s partially because they are built by the company and the schematics are not released. All the boards said Yamaha on them.

In conclusion I think this was an exciting project. It gave a good deal of insight into what went into a small keyboard eighteen years ago. Today, I’m guessing that a bunch of these parts would probably be smaller and able to fit better into the casing. (There was some bending of parts on the motherboard to get them to fit). I look forward to trying this process again on something else in the future.