3 Ideas for lighting up something!

A tiny pillow key chain:

I know you need sleep. You can’t sleep this tiny pillow but you can bring this light-able pillow with you all day long.


Arduino caps:

Great for bikers. The board will be fixed on the edge so that people all know how this works..


Earrings that can emit light.

Turn those on in a club with customized styles (colors options and fading effects and more)IMG_4183.JPG

2 thoughts on “3 Ideas for lighting up something!”

  1. Hi Zihan, great brainstorm! Remember that the project is about light diffusion in soft materials! You could definitely execute the keychain idea with a few led sequins:
    and small battery pack: https://www.adafruit.com/product/1871

    LED earrings certainly exist:
    and consist of tightly packed, mostly hard materials, What about a LED fuzzy keychain instead?

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