Plush Night Light

I am excited for this week’s plush sewing tutorial, and for the opportunity to execute this craft into a form of my choosing. Three concepts I would like to see in plush form are the following:


  1. Gingko Leaf  – The Gingko tree is perhaps the oldest tree species known to humans. Its longevity and resilience make the Gingko leaf a strong symbol in health, as it is claimed to assist with the management of many cognitive illnesses and women’s health.
  2. [Emphatic] Uterus – As women continue to fight harder than ever for control over their reproductive rights, it seems only fitting that I make a sassy, uterus sketch. In my drawings below, I have a few visions for her, including showing off her muscles and pissed-off demeanor.
  3. Donut – The last of my sketches is the most benign, but could perhaps be the most fun to show off my LED’s. The lights could act as fun sprinkles on a frosted donut!

These three objects and concepts are quite different in their seriousness, playfulness, and shape, which makes them all the more enjoyable to explore. At this point, I believe my direction will likely be dependent on the material I end up using!

One thought on “Plush Night Light”

  1. Awesome brainstorm, Carly! Are you leaning towards one idea or another? I’d encourage you to find maximum opportunity to explore the core project goal: LED light diffusion with soft materials. Sure, LED sequins would make great sprinkles on a donut, but are they then diffused creatively, or merely applied on top, “put a bird on it-” style? I’d encourage you to further explore simple forms (donuts included), as your first two ideas seem rather complex in construction, or rather would require a high level of execution to “read” as you planned. Please feel free to email me with questions or if you’d like to discuss further!

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