Plush Nightlight Proposals

The Organ

Proposal 1: “The Organ”  This 6ft. behemoth is soft and malleable: he can be hung from the loop at the top of the structure, or he can be draped from another point along his body, allowing the owner to customize his drop length. Who might want this? An art aficionado with a penchant for soft sculpture…or a passionate internist.



Proposal 2: “Plinth”  Economical carpet lining foam is transformed into a marble-esque surface on this sleek yet playful light object. The internal LEDs create a soft glow from Plinth’s sides. Who might want this? A minimalist with children. (Soft floor lamps don’t break when knocked over).

Hang in There

Proposal 3: “Hang in There”  This nightlight/object is a cheeky and cheerful bunny who hangs from your ceiling. His eyes glow, but certainly not in a creepy way.  Who might want this? Any child or adult who likes bunnies.

2 thoughts on “Plush Nightlight Proposals”

  1. Awesome ideas, Ellen! I’m fully confident in your ability to execute any of the ideas you’ve proposed. Which one seems like the most fun to you? Which one affords maximum LED light diffusion experimentation? BTW there is no way to make something’s eyes glow *not* creepy (in my opinion…). =D

    1. Absolutely! I’m rethinking the glowing eyes. I’ll aim instead to have the bunny’s orb-like tail glow a soft blue/purple.

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