Plush Nightlight

Here are the three designs I am considering making.

Idea 1 – Fuzzy Levitating Orb


Not exactly sure how to get the orb to levitate at the moment, but it would be super awesome to create this ethereal floating light. I could see it being a popular lighting item among kids, as well as adults.

Idea 2 – Bathroom Nightlight


You probably have never seen a glowing turd, but hey there’s always a first. Thought this would be a funny plush nightlight to have in the bathroom. However, I’m sure it wouldn’t only end up being used there.




Idea 3 – Donut


This idea puts a plush, donut-shaped object on a stand to create a funky modern lamp. Simple. Clean. Geometric.

One thought on “Plush Nightlight”

  1. Fun ideas, Micah! Don’t worry about levitation, just hang the first prototype from a string! =D You can always put a base under it for the “levitation look.” Even lighting, as I imagine you want for your donut lamp, is hard to achieve with even dense LED strip. How were you hoping to fill that shape with light? I encourage you to explore light diffusion with soft materials, whichever idea ends up being your favorite.

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