John’s plush d20 prototype

This week I wanted to explore making a plush D20 (a twenty sided dice) and placing lights inside. The most pressing matter I have found was to explore was exactly how my pattern should look to create the best end result. D20’s are made of twenty triangles arrayed as a polygon. Therefore, I attempted sewing together five in sequence without any extra material to join them. Also suggested on the internet and in class was adding material to each edge to create area for the sewing machine to run.

Below is my process.

I have found so far that using normal triangles yields the most structural result in the felt I used. The extra fabric added on the second test actually prevented the solid from forming in the corner where the five triangles met.

Here is my circuit diagram. I am imagining four LEDs with resistors on each positive wire connected to a AAA battery pack with an onboard switch. I may add a push button switch under the fabric instead if it proves to be difficult to switch on with the battery pack switch.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 7.54.32 PM


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