Plush Nightlight Prototype: Beating Heart

Once I get a bit better with Arduino, I want to make a boy doll that has a red beating heart. That might be a bit creepy though, so to start, I want to simply make a red heart that pulses red when you turn it on.

Here’s my circuit sketch:

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

When I first drew this, I realized that the LEDs and resistors didn’t have a positive line connecting them, so it looked like this before I went back and drew what’s above:


I made my heart in class using 1 piece of red felt, 1 piece of grey fleece, some stuffing, and a needle and thread.


I drew a heart pattern on a piece of paper, cut it out, and then used a pen to lightly trace she shape onto both pieces of material.

After carefully cutting out the shapes, I began stitching them both together about 1/4in from the edge. I wanted the fluffy side of the fleece to be exposed, so I stitched it facing in.

Once the heart was nearly sewn all the way around, I flipped it outside in and stuffed the inside with polyester stuffing.

Finally, I sewed the last remaining bit with a new piece of thread.