Final Flame

My initial sketch for the flame looked like this:


Thereafter, I made my first prototype from which I learned a lot.


For my final flame I started out exploring the shape of the flame, again.


I picked a shape and cut it out. However, I thought it was too small so I drew it larger.


I cut it out.


I used the sam procedure for the orange and yellow layers.


I then sew the orange and yellow layer together.

Then I added the red.


I joined the three sides using the sewing machine.

Then I started making the logs.

I then started soldering. This is my circuit. I used 8 flickering LEDs, 3xAAA batteries, a battery supply with a switch, 8 75 w. resistors, solder, wires and isolation.

I stuffed the flame and logs. I also closed up the logs and added them to the flame.

I then sewed the LEDs into the insides of the flame.


AND this is the final flame:


I see it being used in a calm and cosy context. The ambient of the LEDs is calming and it is therefore a plush light for a calm setting. I imagine it being sold in kids toy stores as a night light, which will keep kids calm at night. It will also be a way to introduce children to fire before introducing them to real fire. I also see it being sold in outdoor stores as a bonfire that you can use inside, when you are not in the field.
The bonfire solves the problem of not wanting to have a fireplace or bonfire in a setting where it would normally not be permitted or possible. This could be in a kids castle or in an apartment in the city.
I made the bonfire because i personally have been craving a fireplace in my apartment in Denmark. It gets very cold and dark in Denmark during winter. However, fireplaces are not legal in many parts of the city due to its polluting downside. I therefore imagine using the bonfire as a replacement.

Here are the context photos:



4 thoughts on “Final Flame”

  1. Omg! Love this and your context photoshoot. Way better than the Netflix fireplace – especially as this enables you to have a cozy fire AND watch a Netflix show πŸ˜‰

    1. Thank you, Evie πŸ™‚ Yeah thats what I will be doing, when I am not in the studio from now on πŸ˜‰

  2. i like the tone of your voice throughout this post
    also, your finished product is too cute

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