Blushing Mask——Xuan

Sorry for uploading a little bit late.

This Mask is for a Halloween Party. The girl who wears this Blushing Mask is playing a human-size ragdoll. Let’s talk about this ragdoll.

Let’s talk about this ragdoll. She was made by an old grandpa who really missed his granddaughter — Emily. So grandpa wanted to bring Emily back to life in a ragdoll body. When he finished the whole body and was about to give her makeup on the face, he died.  And Emily back to life without makeup. So she looks a little bit scary, but actually, she is a very shy and kind girl inside. However, the outlook stops people to come to talk her, and she is too shy to talk to others. One day, Emily met another ragdoll, Tylor, she likes him a lot. Suddenly, her cheeks started glowing red light–she is blushing. Tylor thought she is so cute. And you know what happened next~~

Meet Emily.


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I intended to make a beautiful mask for a little girl. But its really hard to make a pretty one. And I thought about a makeup from FACEOFF. So I decided to make a scary one. And at the end, Emily is scary but cute when she is blushing.屏幕快照 2017-10-11 下午10.53.05.png屏幕快照 2017-10-05 上午10.42.18

At last. It’s me~

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  1. the cloth texture skin speaks to the “wearing” of emotions, and the clean seams heighten this by allowing us to imagine the mask coming apart.
    this concept is immersive and full of character

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