Plush Night Slippers

This is a pair of Plush Night Slippers – NightFlightes!

This product came out of a number of common problems faced by many – having to switch the (extremely) bright light on while waking up at night, tripping over things in the dark and waking someone up at night because you turned the bathroom light on. Do you have the same problem?

NightFlightes have come to your rescue! These furry pair of slippers make them the perfect house slippers. And it lights up at night!

The product has a 3 part lighting mechanism, each responsible for a different function. The two front diffused lights help you navigate while walking. This diffusion results in the user being able to see objects in their surroundings in a wide range, at the ground level.

The 2 directional LED’s on the strap guide the user by projecting light vertically to get a perspective of the height of objects surrounding you. The light intensity of these LED’s is quite high with respect to the other three.

The 5th LED is at the back. The function of this LED is not to guide the user, rather for the user to identify the pair of slippers in the dark, when the other LED’s at the front would be off.



The product has an inbuilt circuit of 5 LED’s and a battery pack which has been fit inside the sole. All the LED’s are connected in parallel and have 1K ohm resistors attached to them. These have been hand soldered and connected securely.

The target audience for this product would be the people who fear tripping by objects at night. These would also be ideal for night trips to the bathroom, their child’s room , etc. It would be helpful for elders too.

For a niche product like this, I strongly feel that selling online would be ideal.




Here are some progress images:


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  1. soft, well shaped, AND incredibly useful
    the only thing we need is a slipper for the other foot!

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