One thought on “Team Ahaar”

  1. Your mic stand idea is so fun. The VFL likely has an infrared proximity sensor you can buy. Where on the mic stand would your sensor go? I have a mic stand if you want to borrow it, should I bring it to class today? I could imagine if your mic stand were to keep raising up until the sensor no longer detected a close object (ie is pointing over the person’s head), then lowered a pre-defined amount based on the average size of a person’s head.

    Your heart sensing project reminds me of one I made a while back:
    that heartrate sensor is awesome and I recommend trying it out! The sample code uses digitalRead with the receiver module and the chest strap that it works with is super reliable:
    I don’t like this sensor as much but it’s still fun (can be used on earlobe or finger): (tutorials linked near the bottom of the page)

    Your DJ club idea is really creative but pretty hard to test/prototype for the scope of this project because of the scale.

    We talked about the difficulty of sensing up-speak, here’s a tutorial for frequency analysis using a microphone, which you could work in on class today:
    here are some audio reactive projects that use volume instead of frequency:

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