Team CANduit

We are CANduit, consisting of Ellen, Carly, Ben, and Wei


Idea #1

A motion sensor that detects when the dishwasher is finished cleaning. The sensor would nudge the next person that walks by the dishwasher to empty the dishes.

We will use a temperature sensor to activate a light, sound, or unlatch the dishwasher.


Idea #2

A scale that reacts to the temperature of hot drinks, like coffee or tea. The hot-cold scale will be measured through icons or emojis.

A temperature sensor will be used measure the degree of warmness.


Idea #3

An herb garden that is automatically watered when the soil is dry.

We will use a humidity sensor to control when and how much water is dispensed.

One thought on “Team CANduit”

  1. These are all solid ideas! Here are some tutorials that might be helpful. I’m sure you can work on temperature sensing in class today and then expand upon it with waterpoof sensors/etc.

    waterproof temperature sensor (though it uses a library, which may not be optimal for this project):

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