Team Rhea, Hannah, Micah, Xuan

#1  Suggests you the colors of shoes that would go with your clothing of the day.

This product would have a camera/ color sensor which detects the color of your clothing. The system then (through built-in code) would display colors of shoes that could go with those colors.


#2  Gold picker: This product is for people looking for conductive metal in the trash bags on the roads.

The product is a glove with a magnetic sensor and an LED attached to the glove. The glove, when put in the trash bin conducts electricity whenever it gets in touch with a conductive/ magnetic metal. It also attracts the metal thereafter.


#3  Scream Box: This is a box made for people to release their anger in and make them feel better.

To release the frustration and anger, users scream as loud as they can in this Scream Box. The microphone sensor attached at the end of the box reads the intensity and displays a cool and appropriate neoPixel visual as a result.

One thought on “Team Rhea, Hannah, Micah, Xuan”

  1. For idea #1, here’s a color sensor and project tutorial that does what you describe:

    but the color sensor requires a library. Though it is easy to use, it’s not ideal for this project.

    For #2, metal detection is tough! Research how metal detectors are made. What you describe might help locate magnets, for which you could use a magnetic reed switch, but won’t find metal. Perhaps you’d like to use a magnet-filled glove to locate steel (which has some scrap metal value) in curbside trash. Research the economy of scrap metal in the city to help shape your user scenario.

    #3: Sounds fun! I have a microphone you can borrow to prototype in class. Here’s a guide to get you started:

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