Pretty fly for a WiFi

Arduino time:

For my final project I have the following in mind:

The popcorn timer – This is a device that records the time intervals in-between the pops when making popcorn. When there is more than 3/4 seconds between the pops, then the popcorn are ready and the device informs you.

The shooting spammer – For every person that dies in the USA from a shooting a sound and blinking will go off. The source will be this and the output will differ depending on the incident.

The daily hunger-meter – A display showing the number of people who have died from hunger today. Source.

3 thoughts on “Pretty fly for a WiFi”

  1. WOAH. Your second and third ideas are extreme political statements – interesting and important. Curious to see what your prototypes will look like.

  2. Agree with Evie– WOAH those are some heavy topics. Your first idea sounds super fun and easy to prototype with a microphone. A device that makes a gunshot sound every time there is gun violence sounds INTENSE and TERRIFYING. Also pretty straightforward to prototype, once you get a data feed that you can access.
    The last idea sounds super abstract, and I’d encourage you to think of outputs that drive action– would this display convince a kid to finish his/her vegetables, for example?

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